Whoa, this is one cool stop-motion animation. It’s made by Dutch director Andre Maat. In this video he turns wood into a soft, flexible material which he transforms into different shapes. A must watch!


By Keegan Luttrell, Postcards From Atlantis — these beautiful Rorschach-esque photographic manipulations are representations of locations that present the relics and ruins left after chaos strikes. 


Bruno Vergauwen is a Belgian visual artist. He studied in Antwerp for his Masters Degree in Graphic design and illustration. Being born into a family with creative minds alike, he had the freedom to developed his art from a very young age. After being an Art Director in Advertising for over ten years he decided to dedicate himself more to his personal non-commercial artwork and illustration.

Bruno likes the way every person looks at his work differently and enjoys the challenge of an assignment. He continues working at an Advertising Agency but his real passion lies with creating images and the different worlds that come with it.

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Monti Silvestri Clock // Studio Formafantasma

Stunning clock with brass fittings that tells time through a bed of volcanic rock set on a bed of basalt from Sicily’s Mount Etna.


Gerda Steiner & Jörg Lenzlinger: The Conference, 2010-2011

crystals grown on electronics 

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This just looks like magic. It’s an installation made by Korean artist Kimsooja. She transformed the Palacio de Cristal in Madrid by covering its windows with a translucent diffraction film, and covering the floor with mirrors.

When outside light filters through the glass of the pavilion and reflects off the diffraction film, it diffuses into rainbow spectrums. Rays of colour reflect all around you.

I can only imagine what it feels like being in this space…